Online Profile

Facebook continues to dominate the digital profile landscape. It's where you go to learn who's marrying who,  who went where, whether or not he/she is single,  who has a birthday today, and where the party was or where the party is going to be.  It's become a social utility. Google+ hasn't quite caught on in the same way, but it has carved out it's own niche (e.g. it's great for businesses with its page ranking system). I wanted to create something that emphasized it's unique place amongst online profiles. 

THE PROBLEM:  Google+ has not quite maximized its user interaction.

THE GOAL: Establishing Google+ plus as the formal face of the internet.

SOLUTION: Facebook is the king of social platforms. But it is the informal king. With Facebooks constant feed of tags and pokes it retains a quasi college feel to it. People have a desire to connect, but without all the bells and whistles. Google+ can be a clean & simple enclave for people. Google+ could be a place for a quick hello, but without the pressure. I like to think of it as LinkedIn meets Facebook meets It should be a simple introduction to both new and old friends.  

Google+ can be a more professional location. Easy. It's just where you go find me. No Pressure. This isn't a radical shift, but an optimization. All the information and circles architecture would remain the same. But you would have access to people in a easier and more engaging fashion. 

Google dominates in so many areas, (e.g. Gmail, YouTube, search) it's in a perfect position to be a counterweight to Facebook. 

Facebook controls the most "like" data, recording more than 80 billion per month at last check. But Twitter records more "talking" than anyone else (1.5 billion tweets per month); Amazon collects the most reviews (well over 6 million per month); and Google’s YouTube and Google Display Network have data on how a billion people prefer to spend their time.* It's google ubiquity that makes it perfect for being a reliable counterweight to Facebook.