Mucinex - Mr. Mucus

McCann NY/Craft - Producer

Coca-Cola - Marketing Video

McCann NY/Craft - Producer

Nikon - i am generation image

McCann NY/Craft - Producer/Editor

General Mills - Lucky Charms

McCann NY/Craft - Producer

I've worked on a lot of NewBiz pitches. Ashley Furnitures and Princess Cruises are two of my favorites.  

Ashley Furniture  - Producer/Editor

Princess Cruises

Budweiser - Track Your Bud

Anomaly - Producer

Track your bud set out to allow people to quickly use their Bud's born on date to see where it came from, who made it, how they made it, and when they made it. We shot 17 breweries, 12 in the US and 5 in Canada.

New York Board of Education - Future Now

A project for New York City Board Education that showcased the importance of After School programs. We highlighted the many activities the New York Board of Education offers like engineering, music, dance, etc. An assortmanet of companies help sponsor the event.

Persol - Artist

Cutwater - Research/Production Coordinator