I have a background in Philosophy and Filmmaking, and I've worked in Broadcast Television, Web Production and Integrated Projects for public and private sectors in different markets and agencies (CutwaterAnomalyNew York Board of Education,  and Craft/McCannny). My roles has usually been that of a producer/editor/coordinator. 

Advertising plays such a huge role in our lives. There's always some product trying to find its way into our psyche. This process can be a painful or an annoying one. But occasionally when the idea is aligned with a honest truth and the interruption doesn't feel like a distraction, but rather something engaging.  In a world where the audience has more control of what they watch respecting them is evermore important. From my vantage point it seems respecting the audience is the only way to create a win-win scenario. A scenario where the user/audience is engaged and the product or service reaches its performance goal. The key to respecting the audience is to understand them. 

Bill Bernbach said "The most powerful element of advertising is truth". This axiom has even more relevance today as they did when they were first spoken.  We live in advertising era where the audience is best served when they are respected and allowed to feel engaged in the process.  While the classic ideas of advertising still apply they must be applied in new way.  We have tools that provide consumer insight that we never had before. I'm deeply interested in how people are reached and how this can affect Social Change, Service Design and Innovation. 

My Skills: Storytelling, Adobe Premiere, Keynote, Google Docs, Production, Research, Shooting                                         

I've always had an interest in exploring culture, attitudes and behaviors, testing ideas, and developing strategies to build engaging experiences.